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Aches and pains

Aches and pains

Often people suffer physically, they consult doctors, again and again, but but no organic cause can be established. These people suffer from cephalgia (headache), intestinal spasms, asthma, exzema, an Irritable Bowel Syndrome or idiopathic colic. Consulting a general practitioner or medical specialist is of course indicated most of the times. But the repetition of these disorders, or their chronicity make consulting a clinical psychologist essential.

Is the cause of every illness psychological?

We obviously can not state it that way. But among the causes of most illnesses, there is a psychological factor.


Conversion symptoms include blindness, paralysis, numbness, or other nervous system symptoms due to a psychological conflict. The symptoms often begin after a stressful experience. Conversion symptoms can always be cured.

Psychosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic disorder is a physical disorder whose psychological dimension is prominent in its onset and evolution. It is often associated with a form of depression that is called essential depression. In this depression, everything seems to take place without any emotion, flattening any underlying drama or internal conflict.


The appropriate therapy for the treatment of these bodily discomfort depends on a number of factors, and is assessed by the clinical psychologist during the first sessions. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis are often indicated to treat conversion, but also most psychosomatic disorders, although the therapy is a little different for these disorders. The association with therapeutic relaxation, or relaxation practiced alone can have very beneficial effects when the person experiences headaches or some other body aches.